On inspiration and sources

What inspires me and what are my sources? I like the idea of reassembled imagery. To cull through decades old books & magazines and pull from old advertisements and random pieces of pop culture past and give new life and meaning to things that might have been forgotten. I’m inspired by the work of Robert Pollard (of Guided by Voices) and most recently the works of late German DaDa artist Hannah Höchs. A bulk of my work over the last two years came from Life magazine, and as any one else who collages can attest to the over abundance of Life Magazines that are out there in the wild. I like to keep sources old. I’m not quite sure about public domain laws anyway. Other sources that have been helpful include 60s Fortune magazines, Holiday, Look, etc. old science books and Time Life books as well. I never have a clear idea of what I want to create. I’ll gravitate towards something and use it as an anchor piece and then work from there. I collage daily, and will very seldom take a few days off to recharge. I’ve created pieces for two years and have amassed close to 600 pieces. That’s a rough figure. I don’t know if I have a favorite piece but I know there’s a lot of earlier pieces I now dislike but that’s part of the process of growing and evolving within a medium. Very few of my pieces have any literal meaning. They exist for interpretation. Titles come from poems I’ve read or songs or completely made up. At this time I’m not selling any pieces or offering prints but will eventually.