You Bore Me With Your Poetry (Image)

You Bore Me With Your Poetry is made from 3 pieces. The sound aspect was created in GarageBand. Spoken word was created using Speak It! Text to speech.


I know
The kids don’t care
No more
And I know
We don’t look at the sky
I got a small problem
But it’s nothing ignoring
It can’t fix
I’ve been dead
And I don’t want to die

I know
we got feelings
But don’t know what they’re for
I’d like to say that
I’d be with you tonight
But I’m going blind
And only loyal to the glowing light
This is all I need

You bore me with your poetry
You bore me

Your Father’s Sportcoat

We go to work
And play Office
We come home
And play house
There’s photos
And clocks on the walls
Time telling you
To stand still
And the photos
Telling you to look at yourself